Pepetual Calendar Month Tiles

November - Wheat

When I started getting the calendar together I had the idea of using wood to match the calendar. When I laid it out, however, I quickly realized how much wood would be in your face so I changed direction and went with the idea of using nature for each month. I made a couple of exceptions, but I'm really happy with the results overall. This has turned into the longest art project I've ever undertaken but it will be well worth it. It's also inspired me to continue painting which I had stopped for quite some time. Working on this every week has also sharpened my skills and I hope to continue that trend.

May - Poppies

July - Corn

December - Pine tree with cardinal

October - Candy corn

April - Forsythia
September - Apple tree

August - Sunflowers

I have a few more to go and will post them when I finish.