Practice Makes Perfect

It's less than two weeks until July 31st and our first show in Lititz, PA! We set up the tent for the first time as a dry run so we could work out any kinks. Our original idea was to use white pegboards, but thank goodness we went with the mesh panels you see in the picture above. Construction on site would have been a nightmare! They also really swank up the place. The sign on the front of the tent looks better than I thought it would. I drew it up so many times it was shocking to see it in person.

The frames came out great and I think they really let the paintings pop in the simple black and white tent. I'm going to create labels for every paintings and hang them underneath each one. I tried one out and it's really sharp.

After the 31st I'm on to Rehoboth Beach for the weekends of August 7th and August 14th.