Shows Finished & Prints Unveiled

Whew! My last outdoor show of 2010 was today and, as usual, it was a whirlwind! Now that it's over I can focus on painting again. I learned a lot since July and, though the differences are subtle, it shows in the tent. The biggest and most exciting difference is the addition of archival giclee prints.

See how excited I am? I didn't want to outsource the production of the prints to somebody in New Jersey that may or may not give me the quality I demand. These are my paintings, not some images I want to print. In the end, I decided to print these myself so I can make sure each print was as high quality as the original. Since this investment included more than just a trip to Office Depot for a printer I called up SSI and, within a week, I was in business.

Now that today is over, I've got an awesome painting to share with you tomorrow...