The Trees Are Green Again

Now the hard work begins...
You may have noticed a sudden decrease in the number of paintings I'm posting. This summer's outdoor shows are coming and I still have a lot to do to prepare. I have almost 80 new paintings and many of them still need frames. I have only just begun working on my prints. I've been printing them on-demand as they were ordered until now.

Ready to become frames!

Oh, and I have a 140 year old house that needs some attention. Before things quickly get out of hand I'm taking some time to work on my non-painting related list of things to do. Oy! I have a headache.

With all of that work I will also need to prepare for the sudden influx of new fine art and fine craft items I'm sure will find their way into the home thanks to my wife's shopping habit. (Hi Honey!) The great thing about being in an outdoor show is GOING to outdoor shows. I spend a lot of time talking about what I'm doing or showing off my paintings (this is my blog after all!) so I wanted to share a couple of items from other artists that have made their way into my home...

... items such as Jeff Watson's beautiful hand-made pottery,

 Ray Briscoe's hand-carved wood items,

... and the metal art of Roland Paronish.